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Why would a company need to do a background check?
The first and most important reason is your safety and that of your employees. This is followed by the loss of profit due to theft, turnover, and unqualified employees. 95% of companies say that misinformation during the application process is grounds for retracting a job offer and 40% of applicants are not completely truthful.
Why should a company outsource this service?
Background screening is an industry that is heavily regulated and constantly changing. Many companies prefer to stick to their core competencies and focus on what makes them profitable.
Why Veripast?
Flexibility and reliability. We work for you. You decide how orders will be placed, the kind of updates you want, and what you get upon completion. You are not asked to sign an exclusivity agreement or pay a monthly fee. We do not discard your information ever. You can request it as far back as necessary.
How is the background check reported to me?
On-line or by fax; whichever you prefer. Here is a link to a sample report. The report will vary depending on the services you choose.
How long does it take to do a background check?
Some services are same day. Others require 2 or 3 days. We are on par or faster than our industry peers. On top of that, we will always keep you updated on the progress of your report.
Are there a minimum number of services I need to order?
No, only what your company needs.
Do I need to sign an agreement?
There is an agreement to protect both parties, but it does not require you to use Veripast exclusively.
How does your customer support work?
100% of our work is done in the United States so we are easy to get a hold of. You can choose “Contact Us” for an email address and phone number, or to request a call from us.
How secure is your site?
All data transmission, including XML traffic, is encrypted using SSL certificates issued and managed by Thawte. Your data will be stored on high-availability UNIX servers in a SAS 70 audited data center. The facility is monitored by high-definition cameras and staffed by security personnel 24 hours a day 7 days a week.