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Veripast provides background screening services for businesses and individuals across a wide variety of industries. Theft, turn-over, and unqualified employees eat away at a company’s profits. Mitigating costs and contributing to the safety of your employees are leading reasons to verify the past of every potential candidate.

We have the flexibility and technology your company requires. Working with our intuitive, user friendly system is effortless. Transition is easy and can be personalized for individual users. The order form is simple and prevents redundancy. To see how painless it can be, click on the button to schedule an online demonstration.

The information you entrust to us is of the most sensitive nature. Protecting it and making it accessible to you is a priority.

We are the quick, easy, and safe solution for your business. We offer packages for various industries or you can customize your own. Visit our our Services & Solutions section for a complete list.

Beware of Online Applications and Background Check Authorizations

An increasing number of employers have been recipients of proposed class actions alleging that the way they conduct background checks on prospective employees violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 U.S.C. §1681 (“FCRA”).

How to prepare for a background check

Know what potential employer check before hiring August 11, 2010|By Marcia Heroux Pounds, Sun Sentinel Columnist An employer recently called me for a reference on a former colleague, and I was happy to give it. I later found out that the former co-worker already had started working in the job.

Sandusky’s return to coaching derailed by failed background check

Hoping to coach football again, Jerry Sandusky failed a background check last year because he did not disclose he was being investigated for child abuse, CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol has learned.

Background checks: A trend you’ll want to watch

Two states have recently passed laws restricting how employers can use the information they dig up on job applicants’ backgrounds. Other states are considering similar legislation.